Justin O’Donovan

Justin O’Donovan, MD, was the chief medical officer aboard the USS Prospect between 2365 and 2371 and USS Prospect-A between 2371 and 2372 and a member of Special Operations.

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Early life

Justin O’Donovan was born on Earth on 26 August 2330.

Starfleet history

Aboard the Starship Prospect


In 2367, Justin O’Donovan assisted the Prospect crew in the rescue effort at Wolf 359. He was also present on the bridge when Kari Eriksson first reported for duty aboard the Prospect mid-2367. (“The Burnt Child“)

Weeks later, O’Donovan altered several Prospect crew to appear as Jenchum during an undercover away team mission to Goffan III.

He also determined Eriksson‘s continual exposure to the Thrall would leave her with severe neurological damage or could even lead to death. O’Donovan accompanied an away team to help monitor Eriksson‘s condition and convince her she needed to come back to the Prospect.

Back aboard the Prospect, he helped Eriksson in her recovery as best as he could. (“Starry, Starry Night“)

Later that same year, he attended Hahn Jun-Seok‘s birthday party. O’Donovan also advised Captain John Greene on the bridge during the M’Tar holding the Prospect away team hostage aboard the USS Artemis. After the away team was recovered, Dr. O’Donovan tended Anne Lansing‘s serious internal injuries and operated on both Daniel Radke and Garrett to remove the M’Tar enhancements and physically rehabilitate them both. He also let Jason Athelstan stay by Radke‘s side in Sickbay during that time. (“Lady Lazarus“)

Personal relationships