Season 1

2365 / 2366. A plot to reignite war threatens a fragile peace.

Starfleet starships have disappeared along the Federation-Tzenkethi border, and Starfleet Special Operations sends Captain John Greene and his hastily-assembled crew aboard the USS Prospect to investigate. Their research uncovers some shocking evidence some factions of the Tzenkethi Coalition are trying to lure the entire area into war…

# Episode Stardate Description
1.1 The Tzenkethi Incident The USS Prospect is sent to the Federation-Tzenkethi border to investigate the disappearance of several Starfleet starships. The information they uncover is shocking, with a plan to re-ignite hostilities between the Tzenkethi Coalition and the Federation…
1.2 Rose Tint My World
1.3 Mass Extinction Not all is what it seems. Khar Tee-Phon and Evelyn Granger uncover a plot within the plot…
1.4 The Cardassian Connection
1.5 Cascade Failure
1.6 The King Has Lost His Crown