Season 1

2365 / 2366. A plot to reignite war threatens a fragile peace.

Starfleet starships have disappeared along the Federation-Tzenkethi border, and Starfleet Special Operations sends Captain John Greene and his hastily-assembled crew aboard the USS Prospect to investigate. Their research uncovers some shocking evidence some factions of the Tzenkethi Coalition are trying to lure the entire area into war…

1.01The Tzenkethi Incident The USS Prospect is sent to the Federation-Tzenkethi border to investigate the disappearance of several Starfleet starships. The information they uncover is shocking, with a plan to re-ignite hostilities between the Tzenkethi Coalition and the Federation…
1.02Rose Tint My World  
1.03Mass Extinction Not all is what it seems. Khar Tee-Phon and Evelyn Granger uncover a plot within the plot…
1.04The Cardassian Connection  
1.05Cascade Failure  
1.06The King Has Lost His Crown